Anniversary Red Rock 6-7

Tomorrow is Robyn and my anniversary and for the day Robyn wants to head down to Red Rock Lake and get some sun in the boat and maybe catch a few fish. The day will start with us dropping Katelyn off at daycare like normal day and then we’ll grab the boat and head down. Since its a Tuesday their shouldn’t be much boat traffic and as of this writing the weather is supposed to be HOT and SUNNY. Of course there will be a stop at Jaarsma’s Bakery in Pella and probably a Van & BonBon Jersey Freeze on the way home. Should be a terrific Day even if the fish don’t bite.

Random Internet Outages Cause to be Down

Just an FYI to all our visitors.  As I host AMOutDoors website from my home any internet issues I experence there effects the up time of  So while I battle MediaCom and their poor signal, please be patient as AMOutDoors will be up and down till this issue is resolved.  I would like to stress that this has nothing to do with the new website or its platform.  Thanks

Wed Nite Fishing 6-1-11

As of today (Tuesday 5-31) Wed Nite Fishing is still on.  The plan will be Ada Hayden.  The fishing was good last week at Hickory Grove so we’ll see if we can duplicate the drop shot pattern on a different lake.  My feeling will be that jerk baits and texas rigged craws will be the ticket as I feel we are now post spawn in pretty much all Central Iowa Lakes.


Welcome to the NEW AMOutDoors Website.   I have been working on this new website for a couple of months now.  If you have noticed the lack of updating on the old site it’s because I’ve been hard at work on this site.  The goal was to make a prettier, easier navigating, easier updating, user friendly website with more control given to other AMOutDoors Memebers. It was also designed to give all who visit easier access to sharing photos and/or stories (check out vistor section). I hope you spend some time naviaging the new website as there have been some major changes.  I would say 90% of all content from the previous website has made its way to the new site.  Thank you very much for visiting and enjoy the new site!

AMOutDoors CEO – Mike Augustin

Wed Nite Fishing 5-25-11

As of right now tonight we will be fishing Hickory Grove.  Weather reports are calling for 20+ MPH winds and possible rain all day.  So fishing could be in jeopardy.
If we go I am only bringing 1 rod and that will be my froggin’ rod since I have 6 more days to catch a public water bass on as frog.   We will see, as I think the cards are stacked against me.