Anniversary Red Rock 6-7

Tomorrow is Robyn and my anniversary and for the day Robyn wants to head down to Red Rock Lake and get some sun in the boat and maybe catch a few fish. The day will start with us dropping Katelyn off at daycare like normal day and then we’ll grab the boat and head down. Since its a Tuesday their shouldn’t be much boat traffic and as of this writing the weather is supposed to be HOT and SUNNY. Of course there will be a stop at Jaarsma’s Bakery in Pella and probably a Van & BonBon Jersey Freeze on the way home. Should be a terrific Day even if the fish don’t bite.

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  1. Well our anniversary has come and gone. What a great day though. We hit Jaarsma’s bakery where we stocked up on Dutch letters, cherry doughnut holes, and butterfly cookies. After that we did a drive thru on the campus to remember old times and then off to the lake. There were a few other boaters out but we had the 6 lane ramp to our selves. The NEW Merc ran like a dream and started first push of the button. We got plenty of sun in the 90+ degree heat and fished the cliffs for White Bass. Unfortunately, the lake is atleast 15 feet above pool and so fish were hard to find. After the lake we hit the Jersey Freeze in Monroe and had a wonderful dinner and spent the rest of the evening with my girls.

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