Wed Nite Fishing 5-25-11

As of right now tonight we will be fishing Hickory Grove.  Weather reports are calling for 20+ MPH winds and possible rain all day.  So fishing could be in jeopardy.
If we go I am only bringing 1 rod and that will be my froggin’ rod since I have 6 more days to catch a public water bass on as frog.   We will see, as I think the cards are stacked against me.

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  1. Update – heading to Hickory Grove soon. It is a little cool but the sun is out and the wind is under 20mph. Kermit and I are gonna slam the fish tonight.

  2. Last nite fishing was pretty good towards the end of the evening.. We launched from the south ramp and worked our way east. Dad caught 1 bass on a scrounger but it was slim pickings. Luckily for us some guys’ boat battery died and they asked for a tow back to the ramp. We gladly assisted and that was the turning point for us… we decided to head west towards the dam. As we fished we slowly picked up ones and twos and they all came close to the bottom in about 4-8ft and off drop shots. As we honed in on the depth and lure selection we caught more and more fish… none were really big except for this female i caught. I’m going to attempt to attach the picture here in the post… we’ll see how it work 🙂
    Weather permitting next Wed Nite Fishing is @ Ada Hayden

    Big Bass Picture

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