Here is a little history about AMOutDoors .

AMOutDoors actually started out as ACOutDoors in 1998 but due to staffing changes the AM was adopted in 2000 and has stuck ever since. The A in AMOutDoors stands for Augustin (Bert and Mike) and the M stands for Meimann (Andrew).

Ever since 2000 we have produced 6 videos (not for public sale at this time) including Prairie Dog hunt in SD, Whitetails in Central Iowa, 3 Montana Elk Hunts, and Bow Fishing in Central Iowa. Along the way the members of AMOutDoors have harvested: 2 state record Short nose Gar for the state of Iowa, 9 Pope and Young Whitetails, 1 Boone and Crockett Whitetail, 4 Iowa Big Buck Whitetails, 1 Iowa Hall of Fame Whitetail, and 21 Iowa Big Fish awards in several different species.

In 2005 Andrew and his wife Carly moved to the state of Idaho and we have since set up and Idaho Division of AMOutDoors.

We appreciate you visiting our website and hope that you will send us your successful stories.

AMOutDoors Owners

Michael Augustin – CEO, Web Administrator, Social Media Director & Co-Founder

Contact – AMOutDoors21@gmail.com

Andrew Meimann – President of AMOutDoors Idaho Division , Co-Founder

Albert Augustin – Videographer, Photographer, Finacial Backing of AMOutDoors, Co-Founder

Robyn Augustin, Carly Meimann – Finacial Advisors