WNF 6-8-11

Brad is out of town this week for work and so it will be just Bert and myself again this week. The plan is Ada Hayden as dad had so much fun last week I know he wants to do it again. I however have a feeling with these past few days of 90+ that things have changed and will changed as we are supposed to get scattered strong thunderstorms today. Which could postpone our WNF (Wednesday Nite Fishing) trip. So stay tuned as if wind or storms happen this afternoon I believe this week will just be cancelled and then hopefully we’ll pick backup with Brad next Wed. It’s been awhile since we’ve fished with him.

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  1. Things had definately changed tonight. Fishing was pretty good for fighting the 20+ winds that started up 40 mins into our nite. Fish were really hitting the jerkbait and the biggest bass tonight was only 15″. I did catch a channel cat on the jerkbait as well and dad started getting into the action late and unfortunately for him the front battery died. Mostlikely from having to run the trolling motor on 8-10 all nite with the high wind, so before we became stranded we called it a nite early. Meggs joined us early and did pretty good with a scrounger. Maybe she’ll join us more before she leave Iowa for who knows how long. 🙁

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