Last WNF – 9-21-11

WNF tonight will be held at Hickory Grove. There is a four species fishing tournament this Saturday at Hickory (Bass, Bluegills, Crappie, and Catfish. So we’ll use tonights WNF as our practice day for this tourney. As of right now Bert and I will be a team as Brad is unable to attend. We just had a cold front pass thru yesterday/last night but weather is supposed to become stable as the rest of the week progresses. So, I’d imagine, if we find the fish today then they should still be in the same spot on Saturday. However, I do know Hickory and fishing Hickory in the morning is completely different than fishing it in the afternoon/evening. So that being said my predictions for tonight are as follows. I think crankbaits will be a good bait early. Something that runs in the 6-12ft range. Learning from our last WNF at Ada Hayden as the sun dropped and turned to dark the crankbait bite quite completely and the bite moved to a craw/bottom bouncing technique. I definately wont miss this switch if it holds true again on this different body of water. But I’ll be honest I rarely fish this late into fall as my mind quickly shifts to big antlered deer so this tourney and WNF will definately be an eye opener! Here is a quick link to the tourney if anyone is interested.,15,6,1,documents

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  1. Well last night fishing was fairly tough. Water temp was around 65 degrees everywhere we went. The crankbait did get bit a couple times early but both fish I hooked with it threw the bait. I did throw a frog for a bit and had one blow up but no hook set. About 1/2 way thru the night I switched over to a suspending white jerkbait and was immediately rewarded with a fish! We were in the bay along the tubes and I ended up catching all my fish there. Should have ended the night in double digits (nothing really over 10-12″) but they were eating that jerkbait. Brad ended up catching 3 on his mini crankbait and Bert landed the biggest of the night at 15.5″ on his dark colored hula grub. So now bring on the Tourney. Sounds like there are very few teams this weekend. My bet is someone who catches an 18″ bass will win the 100 bucks and a 8″ bluegill will probably win that. The crappie i’m not too sure on but woudln’t be surprised if an 11″ is caught. I will post our Tourney plan tomorrow at some point and we’ll see how my predictions go. But for a rough start to the night I’d say we ended up pretty well.

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