Hickory Grove Fishing Tourney

Well tomorrow is the tourney and if this morning was any indication of how tomorrow will be it is going to be COLD!!!!  I dropped Katelyn off at DayCare and the temp at  7am was 38 degrees!  That’s right.  So, I suppose dressing in ice fishing clothing isn’t really a bad idea.  My feeling though with the water temps being in the low 60’s the fish are going to be sluggish.  I feel that the Dam or on the West side of the island might be the best places to start and craws and dropshots will be the starting baits and as the water warms up jerkbaits / crankbaits will come into the picture.  So I guess we’ll see how things play out.

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  1. A Lot happened this weekend! The tournament, tree stand work, trailcameras, and a Successful youth hunt with Garrett Levenhagen. So, I’m a little behind on my posts. So here’s the results of the Tournament. Biggest Bass – 18.5″, Biggest Bluegill – 9″, Biggest Crappie – 11″ and no Catfish were caught. As for team AMOutDoors… we struggled mightly for the first 2 hrs before we were able to thru the skunk out of the boat. Once we got the 1st 13″ bass landed things picked up a little for me. It wasn’t though till dad talked me into throwing the frog that success happened. Thats right the frog. Water temps were solid at 62.1-62.9 degrees and yet I landed 7 bass on the frog. Biggest was 18″. Yep 18″ a mere 1/2″ short of tying the winning fish. I did land 2 other legal keeps and the rest were short. The fish even with the cold water were right up on the shore like they’ve been all summer. When I skipped the frog up to the shore under some kind of cover that’s when I’d get bit. So, all in all the tourney was great. There ended up being 16 boats and our new Conservation Officer seemed pretty excited to continue the fishing tournament scene! Hope there are more as I do love fishing Hickory

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