Hunting Season Fast Approaching

Hunting season is approaching really fast like always!  This past weekend Dad and I got out and put up a tree stand and did some lane trimming for it.  I feel it’s in a really good spot for a NW wind.  We also set my trail-cam up close to it on two major trail crossings and there was one much lighter trail that had a big set of tracks that crossed at that location too.  I’m hoping its a buck trail as it has all the signs of easy travel and crosses multiple doe trails.  We’ll check the trail-cam once before season and hopefully we’ll have something nice and maybe even have a pattern that we can exploit early, but that never happens (to us anyways).  We also need to get out to all the other stands and make sure shooting lanes are still there and that the tree stand is still in safe working order.  Also, we need to get out and do some shooting as I haven’t touched my bow since turkey season and that was May.  Last but not least we need to finish the Hunting DVD from last year to get everyone fired up!  Cuts are mostly done just need to reorganize, add transitions, overlays, replays, menus, chapters, cover design, and packaging… Lots to do yet!   Hopefully, all gets done by Oct 1 which is the goal.  Time to sign off and get to cracking on my list of things to do.