Turkey 2017 Day 1


That is the best way to describe the Opener of Iowa’s 2017 Turkey Season 1.   Was a beautiful morning, however it was super quiet! No wind at all.  You could hear birds jumping from limb to limb.  This kept us a little more cautious than normal as we figured we couldn’t get to where we exactly wanted because it was so quiet.   As the woods awoke we heard LOTS of gobbling!  Jakes and Toms were easily to identify and as soon as fly down occurred the woods were quiet.  At around 7:30 we heard some putts behind us.  Turned out to be two curious Jakes investigating my calling.  They circled around us and ended up coming to about 20 yards of the decoys ( Jake and two hens) when they decided something was wrong.  As I drew my bow dad ran the camera and raised his range finder.  As I asked what the distance was, as they were moving away, all he said was, “shoot the back one”.  Again asking the yardage while the range finder was up he responded, “shoot”.   Well, I took a guess and boy was I wrong… they had moved much farther distance than I thought.  Arrow went completely too low.  Seems like I’ll have to investing in some better Hearing Muffs for dad.  Walkers Game Ear Quads aren’t cutting it.  We at least had an opportunity and one of the Jakes would not have left had dad wanted to shoot one with the gun.