Latest AMO update

It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything new so figured it was time to do so.  So what has AMO been up to?  Well my buck has been officially scored and was officially accepted into Pope & Young at 156 6/8ths.  Just need to make a mount for him and rearrange the wall of fame in the basement.  I have also applied to become a Pope & Young Official measurer and am awaiting sponsor letters of recommendation and will keep you posted on that as well. With all this going on we jumped into ice fishing.  We have had great ice for quite a bit of the winter now and unfortunately we haven’t taken quite as much advantage fishing as we should have.  We have really only hit the pond but boy has the pond really bounced back from the winter kill!  We did however take full advantage of the ice on the pond and have built 2 new docks on the pond and replenished multiple brush piles and drove 9 trees into the water like posts!  If these posts stay standing and the water returns to normal pool then they should make for fantastic crappie structure in the Spring!  We did get a fairly decent gathering for an afternoon at Hickory on the ice and only Mike Olson and Dustin Eighmy caught more than one fish.  We decided to bail and took everyone to the pond were the fish were eager to eat!  That pretty much saved the day for everyone.  That is about it. Next month my 2nd child should be born and then turkey season starts up in April.  I have heard a rumor that the Meimanns will be visiting from Idaho and there maybe a morning turkey hunt and hopefully some fishing in the future with one of the original founders!  Pretty exciting and stay tuned for those outtings!