Fishing Season Wrap Up

With the other night being the official end of WNF for the 2012 season it brings an unofficial close to the fishing season too for us.  It’s sad to see this summer end!  It was filled with highs and lows.  We came very close to winning the HGP Spring fishing tournament when Brad landed his biggest bass of the year at 19.25 inches.  She was a pig and we thought we had it in the bag.  But that length wouldn’t hold up. The rest of the spring was lots of fun with quite a few bass caught by everyone.  Unfortunately, that came to a screeching halt as an electrical short in our trolling motor caused the boat to catch on fire and the front end burnt up.  Almost the entire month of June was spent on the shore as we waited on the insurance company and the new boat to arrive.  The biggest surprise was that in July I hit the 1000″ mark!  Not only did we think this would be tough but almost impossible.  What is even crazier is that as I write this, I passed the 2000″ mark on the last WNF of the year!  Never would I have thought that 2000″ was a number that was reachable atleast not in our local waters!  So what does it all mean.  I have no idea yet! I am still sifting thru the 7 months of data I collected.  For instance, I learned that this year our Best chance of catching a fish 14″ or bigger was in May.  We boated 27 total.  May was also the month we caught the most inches with 1170.5″ boated between the 3 of us.  Our worst month for boating a fish 14″ or bigger was June with only 4.  To add an astrisks to the month of June that was the month of the boat loss and we only fished once the entire month so that number maybe not be accruate.  September was the next lowest this year with the number being 5 and probably should be deemed the worst month for us to catch a 14″ or bigger fish.  I imagine as each year comes and goes these figures can and will change based on the weather.  It will be neat to see this and really see if I can continue this kind of dedication to logging information.  Only time will tell.  One big advantage we now have with logging information is the new Lowrance HDS sonar.  With its waypoint and trail mapping its been really neat to see our fishing trails and then to map each and every catch location along said trail.  I believe this will be the greatest way for us to track and log a lot of this data here forward.  I’m hopefully that I will get the boat out yet in Oct and hopefully find some fish.  The only way that will happen is if deer season has a slow start.  So, time to clean the reels and lower the drags and put them away for hopefully what turns into a great Deer season followed by some great ice fishing!