WNF – 6-22-11

Plan for tonight will be different in the fact that both Brad and Bert will not be attending.  Bert is traveling to AZ to get Meggs settled in her new home and Brad is on vacation with his kids.  So it will just be me fishing tonight.  I still plan on going to Hickory Grove and starting out at the South Ramp.  We had a cold front come thru last night and so my plan will be to start by searching the honeysuckles and bushes that are over hang the water.  Seemed like last friday the fish were hanging close to the bank in those bushes and I’m hoping that the fish are still there but just hanging tighter to that cover.  Hopefully a frog or more likely a heavily weighted tube will be the ticket.  If the fish aren’t in the bushes then I’ll back out and work a shakey head craw or drop shot worm in deeper water.  So that’s my plan we’ll see what shakes out tonight.

WNF 6-8-11

Brad is out of town this week for work and so it will be just Bert and myself again this week. The plan is Ada Hayden as dad had so much fun last week I know he wants to do it again. I however have a feeling with these past few days of 90+ that things have changed and will changed as we are supposed to get scattered strong thunderstorms today. Which could postpone our WNF (Wednesday Nite Fishing) trip. So stay tuned as if wind or storms happen this afternoon I believe this week will just be cancelled and then hopefully we’ll pick backup with Brad next Wed. It’s been awhile since we’ve fished with him.

Wed Nite Fishing 6-1-11

As of today (Tuesday 5-31) Wed Nite Fishing is still on.  The plan will be Ada Hayden.  The fishing was good last week at Hickory Grove so we’ll see if we can duplicate the drop shot pattern on a different lake.  My feeling will be that jerk baits and texas rigged craws will be the ticket as I feel we are now post spawn in pretty much all Central Iowa Lakes.

Wed Nite Fishing 5-25-11

As of right now tonight we will be fishing Hickory Grove.  Weather reports are calling for 20+ MPH winds and possible rain all day.  So fishing could be in jeopardy.
If we go I am only bringing 1 rod and that will be my froggin’ rod since I have 6 more days to catch a public water bass on as frog.   We will see, as I think the cards are stacked against me.