Brushy Creek 7-31-11

Bert, Brad and myself made a Sunday trip up to Brushy Creek in hopes of breaking the Brushy Creek Curse!  The Curse is that the lake is so full of standing timber that its overwhelming and we usually only catch a very few number of fish, Hence a curse of no fish.  Well, the curse still stands for me!  I lost a nice bass on my frog early and struggled to only catch one total and it was only 14″.  Bert and Brad however had a much better outting.  Brad fished solely with his MoneyCraw and Bert fished a little with everything.  Bert caught 3 total keepers and 6 total fish. He caught them on the Gonzo Grubs and a couple on a Frog.  Brad caught 4 total with 2 being keepers.  This is the first time we fished around the island at the South End and along the Dam.   The fish definately were in small schools and when you found one you usally found another if not a third.  But those schools were few and far between.  The biggest thing is that you feel like every tree and every stump should have a fish and maybe they do but they sure are picky.  All in all I would say it was a good outting.  I could come up with tons of excuses but the only one I’ll throw out is that I was very tired and just wasn’t on my game.  Next time I break the curse for real!