AMOutDoors Site Changes

AMOutdoors is going thru a lot of changes with the web design lately. We are always updating the website and making changes as we see fit.

Here are a list of new changes we are working on for the new website

* Recently added new Kids of AMO – this is a section for all the AMO youths to have their own section.  IFyou have a child under the age of 16 and want to share their outdoor photo please visit our visitor section and upload their photo!

* Recently added plugin to completely redo the AMO site when viewed from a mobile device – This change should help speed up browsing on mobile devices.   The big key at this time is that there is a drop down arrow at the top right of the mobile page that will allow you to navigate 75% of the website at this time.   The mobile site can be disabled as well if you just scroll to the bottom of the page and switch off the mobile theme.

*Update Website from any computer – WordPress – DONE

*Give a More Professional Look – DONE

*Possiblity for Users to Comment on Pages/Image – pages are done – looking for photo comment app

* Update Web Page from Cell Phone – word press app – waiting for further app improvement – however can be done with any mobile phone with IE browser – done

* Upload Photos from Cell Phone – nggmanager app – in beta but has promise for android phones – This is completely possible with any cell phone with an IE browser – done

* Multiple Website Admins – currently have Mike, Andrew, Jason, Robyn, and Carly – done

* Website Compatibility with Cell PhonesHave moble plugin app that completely rewrites website into an iphone looking app.  Might possibly purchase the full version down the road for more compatiblity

* Ability for Web Users to Upload their Photos Directly to Website– Done


well so far those are the changes with AMOutDoors . This updates page will be used to alert people with pages are created or updated or anything else that will help users navigate the new AMO website.


IF you have a request for an upgrade or an Enhancement to the site please leave it in the comments below and it will be added to the changes list!  thanks!