AMO Connects more with Social Media

Recently I have been working on services to help better share information between, Twitter and Facebook.  I believe I have some of these services now in place and working.  Hopefully you enjoy these updates and find it easier to share and or see what we here at AMOutDoors have been up to.

Here is a list of updates to the site that are now working. 

* NEW or EDITED Updates/Posts on are automatically posted to Twitter and to Facebook page. 

* Comments on posts will automatically be posted to Twitter and Facebook too

* Users can now register with and link their facebook profile. 

* Pages and Posts can now be easily shared to your own Facebook or Twitter account



1000 Photos!!!!

It is official!  There are over 1000 photos on!  Thanks to everyone that has provided their photos or have been taken in AMOutDoors Photographs!  Please help us get to our next 1000 photos by using the upload feature under the visitor menu!

Thanks again and please enjoy the many pictures already posted and keep visiting as new ones are constantently being uploaded too.

AMOutDoors Site Changes

AMOutdoors is going thru a lot of changes with the web design lately. We are always updating the website and making changes as we see fit.

Here are a list of new changes we are working on for the new website

* Recently added new Kids of AMO – this is a section for all the AMO youths to have their own section.  IFyou have a child under the age of 16 and want to share their outdoor photo please visit our visitor section and upload their photo!

* Recently added plugin to completely redo the AMO site when viewed from a mobile device – This change should help speed up browsing on mobile devices.   The big key at this time is that there is a drop down arrow at the top right of the mobile page that will allow you to navigate 75% of the website at this time.   The mobile site can be disabled as well if you just scroll to the bottom of the page and switch off the mobile theme.

*Update Website from any computer – WordPress – DONE

*Give a More Professional Look – DONE

*Possiblity for Users to Comment on Pages/Image – pages are done – looking for photo comment app

* Update Web Page from Cell Phone – word press app – waiting for further app improvement – however can be done with any mobile phone with IE browser – done

* Upload Photos from Cell Phone – nggmanager app – in beta but has promise for android phones – This is completely possible with any cell phone with an IE browser – done

* Multiple Website Admins – currently have Mike, Andrew, Jason, Robyn, and Carly – done

* Website Compatibility with Cell PhonesHave moble plugin app that completely rewrites website into an iphone looking app.  Might possibly purchase the full version down the road for more compatiblity

* Ability for Web Users to Upload their Photos Directly to Website– Done


well so far those are the changes with AMOutDoors . This updates page will be used to alert people with pages are created or updated or anything else that will help users navigate the new AMO website.


IF you have a request for an upgrade or an Enhancement to the site please leave it in the comments below and it will be added to the changes list!  thanks!

Photos of the Month

Just a reminder to check back on July 1st as Photo’s of the Month will be updated for June.


Photos of the Month will be the highlighted photos for the month before.  For example currently it’s May and April’s photo’s of the month are being scrolled… at the beginning of June we will have photos of May being scrolled, so photos will always be 1 month behind.  These photos will be judged for now by a small panel but as the new website takes shape we may open up a gallery for user voting and then you the visitors will be able to decide what photos are shown.

Random Internet Outages Cause to be Down

Just an FYI to all our visitors.  As I host AMOutDoors website from my home any internet issues I experence there effects the up time of  So while I battle MediaCom and their poor signal, please be patient as AMOutDoors will be up and down till this issue is resolved.  I would like to stress that this has nothing to do with the new website or its platform.  Thanks


Welcome to the NEW AMOutDoors Website.   I have been working on this new website for a couple of months now.  If you have noticed the lack of updating on the old site it’s because I’ve been hard at work on this site.  The goal was to make a prettier, easier navigating, easier updating, user friendly website with more control given to other AMOutDoors Memebers. It was also designed to give all who visit easier access to sharing photos and/or stories (check out vistor section). I hope you spend some time naviaging the new website as there have been some major changes.  I would say 90% of all content from the previous website has made its way to the new site.  Thank you very much for visiting and enjoy the new site!

AMOutDoors CEO – Mike Augustin