WNF – 8-10-11

Tonight the original plan was to go to Ada Hayden.  Brad texted last night that he had to work late and would like to move it to Hickory, so he could get more fishing time in.  I just did some searching and found out that Tri-County Bass is having their championship tourney at Hickory tonight.  We have fished Hickory while these guys have had previous tourneys and they are very nice but it is a lot of extra boat traffic and the bass get pretty spooky quick.  So we’ll see what Brad wants to do but I am leaning towards sticking to the original plan and going to Ada Hayden if Bert doesn’t mind hauling the boat to Ames.

Here are my predictions:

Hickory – fishing will be tough and pitching sunken habitat or drop shotting will be the winning techniques.  Ada Hayden – will be either the frog over the weeds or jerk-a-licous thru schooling bass as they crash the surface while chasing shad.

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  1. Hickory ended up being the location for the night. Drop shotting definately was good but only for really short bass. Brad was able to scrounge up one bass at 14″, Bert swung for the fences and struck out, and I did the best if you can call it that with 7 bass but all were pretty short and all came on the drop shot. The TriCounty Club really didn’t play into much affect for the night however, we did get immediately cut off by two yahoos fishing the tournament and I thought that was super rude. I have sent a message to the club leader with the name and boat of this team.

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