WNF – 7-6-11

Ada Hayden here we come!!   I have not been to Ada Hayden in quite awhile as the wind and weather has been terrible.  Tonights forecast looks pretty good.  As of right now they are calling for 7-6mph winds out of the ENE and temps starting at 83 and dropping to 79 degrees at sunset.  Should be good fishing even with these bluebird conditions.  There is supposed to be a system moving thru tomorrow so hopefully the fish get their feed on. My prediction for tonight will be the Jerk-a-licious will out preform all other lures and will be especially successful on the wind swept shorelines.  Hopefully Brad will attend and with winds that slow he should be able to sneak away from work.  If not it will be Bert and myself.  I am not sure what Bert will throw, athough, I imagine the weeds have grown quite a bit so maybe the frog or even a crankbait run over or on the outter edge of the weeds should produce as well and might be berts go to baits.  We shall see. 

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  1. Well, Ada Hayden proved to be a good choice for the night. Between the three of us we landed close to 2 doz bass with the majority of those bass in the 15″-16.5″ range. My prediction of the Jerk-a-licious being the go to bait was not the ticket. Brad and his new MoneyCraw was definately the ticket. The bass seemed to be deep on the outside edge of the weeds. I personally picked up the trend early but did not switch due to a new double or nothing bet. Oh well Brad won fair and square and it was easy come, easy go with that soda I won back on May 31st.
    Note: there are a few really weedy spots that seem to hold a lot of a bass and I was able to pick a few of the active ones off with a frog but I think if you took your time and picked those weed beds apart you could pull lots of quality fish out.

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