Turkey 2017 Day 4

First season has come and gone.  We snuck out yesterday afternoon for an evening hunt.  We know where the birds roost almost every night and so we figured maybe we could get one to make a quick stop for some decoy love before flying up for the night.   Well, like happens almost every time on this property the birds are always on the opposite side of the point from where we setup.  There are two places that the birds will cross and we did have a tom come thru and as soon as he spotted the decoys he stared them down.  Now I don’t believe he saw us but he certainly did not like the DSD Jake.  After was seemed like a 5 minute stare down he tucked his wings and wandered off away from the roost trees.  Shortly after that the woods came alive!  Toms, Jakes and Hens came out into the field on the opposite side of the finger and just played tag and fed out in the open.  It was quite a sight to see that many birds in the one area.  It proves we have plenty of birds to hunt but at the same time frustrating because they weren’t coming to the calls and there wasn’t enough foliage to make a move.  There is a group of 7 Jakes that were hanging out and I have suspicion that they may have just beat up the Tom that came thru and that’s may be some of the reason he shied away from the decoys.  But after last evenings hunt I would say we are still early in the breeding season and the birds are still grouped up and are still establishing their pecking order.  Next hunt planned is tomorrow morning and Katelyn will be joining us as Caller and Camera girl!  Wish us luck