2015 Deer Season

It has been a Long time since I last wrote anything on the website. Life gets busy and things like this get bumped to the back burner. Well let me get back into the swing of things by talking about deer season so far.

Bow season…
I can officially say we blew it. All except for Joe, who put his arrow to work and downed a nice Pope & Young buck! I had two opportunities at P&Y class deer and dad had one as well. Probably our best year to date for opportunities. Dad had the best opportunity of everyone and we’ll leave it at that. I almost had a slam dunk on one at 20 yards but unfortunately the wind just swirled and my easy shot with film turned into a non-opportunity. My second opportunity would have been one of my longer shots, but I feel comfortable at the distance. That being said, I pulled a newbie mistake and tried too hard to get film of the shot and bumped the bow on my bow hanger… WHO DOES THAT?! At least we can laugh when we watch the film.
One really good thing that came out of this year was all the trail camera information we obtained! Holy cow do we have pictures! To give you an idea we have 27.4 GB of photos or 3,419 pictures! That’s not counting all the ones we threw away, like blank photos, 98% of the does, coons or bird pics! That blows me away! I had also signed up for a trail camera management software this year and learned a lot about deer movement and wind direction and that a solid 79% of our photos are at night. The night stuff doesn’t surprise me at all… That’s just how it is every year. But I have some solid ideas for future years. We still have the late season starting in just a couple days so there is still a chance we could tag some of our better bucks if they made it thru the shotgun seasons. I am sure some fell but the big ones don’t get big by being dumb! Anyways, this is probably good enough for the first post in a couple of years.

Good luck to everyone with a tag in their pocket still and wish us luck as we try to finish the year off on an awesome note!